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A little family time

Most of you know-we are a homeschool family with two wild boys. We love to travel and hate the cold, so winter is the perfect time to get away for a bit. It helps that January is our slow time in this industry; Christmas photos are done and there's little need for outdoor photos in the snow. We have family in South America, Colombia to be specific, so we snuck away to let the cousins spend time together. It was a blast, truly, and we can't wait to have another opportunity to visit again.

We always try to use trips as a chance to learn, and the boys had a great time experiencing a new culture and way of life. We learned about foods, music, and definitely some language too! We stopped for some beach time on the way home for a bit of true relaxation. (as much as one can relax with two children in tow), and managed to skip the worst of our winter storms back home. It has been good to be home, I admit, and we are finally back in the swing of things. Spring is here so we can get back outside and enjoying the weather, and I'll be seeing you all for summer family sessions soon!



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