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A Little Room to Play

I had seen the posts popping up for months about this new place in Shorewood (just down the street from the library!) and I just never had the time to stop in. Everyone kept saying how amazing it was and how much fun the kids all had visiting. It was a natural choice when a friend and I were talking about meeting up for a playdate. From the moment I walked in I was obsessed. There was a ton of cool toys for different stages of toddlerhood, and the entire vibe there was just very chill. The owner, Rachel Ellis, was welcoming and friendly. 10/10 visit all around. My friends and I were later talking about how nice it would be to have a supervised play option so we could get computer work done (*ahem, editing*), and Rachel was all for it.

I can't believe how nicely the space has come together, and I'm so excited to give it a shot myself. I came in to capture some images showing off this trendy new set up and I was tempted to just stay and keep working. It's inviting and calm all around. I used to try to visit the library and let my toddler play, but it's difficult to keep my eye on him AND focus on what I'm doing. Shoot, we can't even manage it at home. He's the type to sneak off and get into trouble the second he senses you not paying full attention. This program is going to save my sanity.

Whether it's work from home, meal planning, studying, or just browsing facebook and de-stressing for a bit, having someone else monitor your kids (in a far more budget-friendly way than hiring a nanny!) is beyond valuable. It's super conveniently located, just a few minutes drive from Minooka, Channahon, Plainfield, and Joliet. I'd love to hear feedback from the rest of you as you try the service, but I for one can't wait!

P.S. Don't worry about stopping for coffee, they got you covered ;)



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