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Catching up

I am so far behind with posting!  I completely skipped writing about my Louisville trip and we've been home from Myrtle Beach a full week by now.  Louisville was a blast, just the baby and I went down to visit with some friends from our mom group.  We all rented a house and had a really cool weekend together.  My guy was super excited to be around other babies, so much so that he couldn't fall asleep.  He ended up getting about three hours of sleep every night.  He was so thoroughly giddy at being somewhere new.  I love to travel too but it's much better when you have more than a couple hours of rest :)

Myrtle beach was our next stop and that one was a ton of fun, too!  It was just the husband and I on that one and unfortunately we dragged the cold Chicago weather down with us.  Cold snap aside, it was a great trip! We found an awesome Christmas market at the convention center and wandered around chatting with different craftsmen.  We made some new friends and got some nice gifts for the holidays.  I dragged my poor husband out to the beach with the tripod to take some couples photos and a new headshot for him.  I've never shot a beach session and it was fun playing around with my settings to get the perfect exposure.  We hopped in a lyft a went to see Atalaya Castle just south of Myrtle Beach next and it was so cool!  While not a castle in the traditional sense, they had a beautiful courtyard and even had some bear pens next to the stable.  It's always fascinating stepping back into history and seeing what life must have been like.  We are already planning our next trip back!



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