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Fall Clean Up!

We're doing something a bit different today. My kiddo and I have been talking a lot about environmental stuff and he's gotten visibly frustrated by all of the litter we keep seeing at parks, and I can't say I blame him. I've always encouraged my boys to clean up things they see, but it's hard to explain to a three year old why it's his job to pick up smashed soda cans. Thankfully my older son is the one who gets it, and while he doesn't complain anymore it's still a challenge when he sees his friends discarding trash. It's hard to be a leader when you want to just fit in!

I thought it was time for an ongoing challenge. Challenge yourselves to do more and use less. Send me a message with your ideas and things you do at home, and I'll pick a winner once a year to earn session credit with me! We love bamboo products and reusable everything, and I have product links I'll add below if you're looking for some fun new stuff yourselves :)

Good luck!



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