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Fall is done, and Christmas is here!

Saying goodbye to fall is so hard. We love fall activities, from pumpkin patches to hikes through the colorful trees. Bonfire weather is just the best, and there's something extra soothing about a hoodie and a hot chocolate. It's also the craziest time of the year for photographers. We understand why, and we have Christmas cards of our own to send out! Not to mention how beautiful the fall colors look on your cards.

This family has been coming to see me for over four years now and these little guys keep getting cuter! I was so glad we were able to catch cute smiles, and you can hardly tell it was a rainy and cold day. I love capturing natural moments between families, like playing in the leaves and kisses for momma. We kept it nice and quick so nobody got too chilly, but we made good use of our time. Chicago weather loves being unpredictable, but we always make it work!

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