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Glitter explosion in the studio

When a client came to me wanting to do something different for her maternity photos I was beyond thrilled. I love getting creative and planning out new concepts. There was one in particular I had been wanting to try: glitter. It took a lot longer to prep than I expected, total glitter coverage time was at least an hour. Surprisingly it only took about 8oz of glitter to cover head to toe. Once we started shooting we were on fire! We moved through poses easily and got amazing images straight out of the camera. It's such a gratifying feeling to not need any post-processing, to have images perfect from the start. This was my first studio maternity session and it was a blast. We rearranged the studio specifically to allow for adults to be posed as well, rather than just children. I can't wait to do more of these, I already have a list started of people wanting to do their own glitter boudoir sessions. Taking bets on how long it'll take for me to go a single day without finding glitter :) I'm going to guess a month, but whomever gets it right will get $10 off their next session with me.



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