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Happy 9th Birthday Dom!

Today is my first baby's birthday! He's obsessed with anything scale-y: dragons, dinos, and reptiles are his favorite subject. He decided recently he wanted to be a famous youtuber (like every kid ever it seems), and since we homeschool and travel a ton I figure why not? So we have a stash of videos we'll be posting on his channel from various trips we've been on. He does his own little reports all about the locations!

We've been to some cool places so far: Mammoth Caves, Niagara Falls, Lake Bled, Llubjana, Croatia, and tons of other various places stateside. We are super behind in posting but I promise to get them all edited soon! I showed him how many followers his instagram had and he was so excited, so I thought for his birthday I'd ask if anyone can go subscribe to his channel and follow his insta. I would greatly appreciate it, and I know he'll be thrilled to see those numbers go up. He was blown away by the 40 mark he hit just yesterday. I'll post the links below!

While we were in Croatia we decided to do an early birthday mini photoshoot and I made this Hiccup Costume (How to Train Your Dragon). We found some cool cliffs on Lokrum Island and had a blast jumping around and setting up some cool angles. He loved pretending that Toothless was in the scene with him! I hope you like them :)

Thank you everyone, I hope you all have a wonderful weekend!



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