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Happy Fall

Hello everyone! Fall is in full swing and we are swamped with family sessions to get everyone ready for Christmas cards to go out. I love this season! I had a few day break between clients and got an opportunity to travel to Atlanta, Georgia, to train with one of my favorite photographers (Kelsey Freeman). It was such a cool experience working in a totally new setting and getting a break from the chillier weather we've been experiencing. The model was absolutely stunning and I cannot wait to share even more of the photos from our time down there. There are a few of my favorites from this section of the gardens. My husband doesn't know it yet, but I'm going to build a garden like this right in my backyard. How can I not when the photos are this gorgeous? I love it!

Maternity is one of my favorite session types and this only inspired me to add more couture maternity gowns to my client closet. What colors do you want to see more of?



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