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I love this job

Newborn photography has always captured my interest. There's something so precious about a brand new baby, and especially how quickly they change when they are so little! Capturing those first days in an artistic way is one of the most rewarding things I have ever done, and I'm truly grateful every day that this is my job! I loved photography as soon as I knew what a camera was, but I never took it seriously as a career. Everyone always says being an artist is so hard, and running your own business is certainly a challenge. I struggle every day with maintaining our daily life, homeschooling, business, and so many household chores!

I wouldn't change a thing. I'll never be perfect, but I'll always love this. I love seeing my newborn clients grow up, and often come back with their baby siblings when another addition joins the family. I love putting together different color schemes and matching headbands. Prop shopping is a whole different type of obsession; even my son will pick up baskets at the store and ask me if a baby could fit in it.

My studio is my happy space; it's cozy and welcoming and wonderfully organized. It's inside my home in Shorewood (just south of Plainfield, Joliet area), and knowing clients will be there is the greatest excuse to clean extra well. The whole family chips in and we suddenly have a house that's clutter free and without a maze of legos and pillow-fight leftover couch pillows across the floor. I love connecting with new families and getting to know them during our sessions, and feeling like we might have become friends (if even just for a moment in time). It's been almost five years in this career. I cannot wait for five more magical ones, and all of the baby snuggles that go with it!



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