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Maternity in the mountains

I had the opportunity to travel to Colombia last week to visit with my sister, who is expecting her first child.  I packed up all of my gear and a new maternity gown, and flew off to Bogota.  It was such a cool experience adventuring through the city over the week, and I'm really hoping to get the chance to return some day.  We decided to take advantage of the mountainous scenery for her first set of photos and went up to the top of Monserrate.  I am definitely not used to high altitude or hiking, so it was a challenge.  The sky was overcast though (perfect lighting for photos) and the mountains looked gorgeous in the background!

We wanted to visit the botanic gardens a few days later and figured we'd bring the dress along there as well.  It was prettier than I expected!  We're so used to seeing seasons here, where as in Bogota the flowers bloom year round.  We found some hidden spots in the gardens and snapped a few more beautiful shots.  It was a far more crowded area than the mountaintop so we got some funny looks along the way, but the people seemed mostly just curious and intrigued.  It seems like a very American tradition, to use the flowing gowns.  I'm starting to love maternity sessions even more and I can't wait for my next set coming up.  Think Canadian snowfall and luxe velvet gowns!

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