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Melting in Texas

I don't know if I've mentioned this much, but our family travels A LOT. My husband travels for work, and I travel for fun. Sometimes the boys come along for the ride. We were able to sneak away to Texas for three days for meetings, and I got to visit one of my closest friends! We stayed at the Menger Hotel in downtown San Antonio, which was such a cool experience. A long list of famous visitors graced the same halls (Theodore Roosevelt, Babe Ruth, Ulysses S. Grant, Robert E. Lee, and more), and legend of ghosts hung over the building. We aren't big believers, but it was really interesting to see the ghost tours going on and how long the history dates back. We headed over to The Pearl with friends for some dinner and hanging out along the riverwalk. I had to snap a few photos of their sweet family. Our boys have the same personality, and it was fun watching another little man play and be just as wild as mine! You can't tell, but it was SO hot and we were all practically melting by the end of the night. I never thought I would be grateful to return back to Chicago weather, but three days in the Texas heat was more than enough. I'll forever miss my good friend though, and I hope to find more excuses to return (over the winter months, maybe!).

Until next time :)



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