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New studio location!

I just want to take a moment to introduce our new studio spot. I'll come back and add photos later! We moved into our new home just a few short months ago, and it's been a whirlwind getting everything unpacked and settled in. We didn't go far, we only moved five minutes down from our home in Joliet. We're officially Shorewood residents now! The studio is in our home, and we do have a cat present who may or may not decide to come say hello. Please let me know in advance if you are allergic so I can take extra measures to clean the area and contain him. In regards to COVID, we are still limiting studio sessions to two per week, so we can allow for full and thorough cleaning of the space. Hand sanitizer is always available and masks will be worn at all times, except when they need to be removed to capture parent photos. We also have a HEPA air filter with UV sanitizing running in our space. The outdoor space is being designed specifically with you all in mind! We have several gorgeous tall grass areas, a forested area with a path, a willow tree, and even a Christmas tree farm! I cannot wait to continue to develop the space to host sessions at this property. This also means that (weather permitting) your studio sessions can be combined with an outdoor portion. Especially for newborn sessions, this allows us to get a natural setting for the family poses. I'm looking forward to welcoming you all to my new home!

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