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Quarantine Blues

This. Is. Hard.

I am so sad missing out on my clients life events. I miss holding little babies and watching your newly toddlers smashing cake. My studio feels so empty without you all! I've been trying to fill my time organizing and going through my things. I sold a bunch of stuff to make room for new things. I picked up a few hobbies, and I've managed to make a few things for sessions as well. It's honestly been a blast creating things again, I have a deep love for DIY.

The bigger question, now, is when will I be able to use it all! I hope you are all able to stay safe at home or work in situations in which you are able to take precautions. It's a hard situation all around and we are going quite nuts at home here cooped up with the kids. We are counting down the days to warm weather so we can at least get outside again. The rain we had was a welcome distraction for the kids to go jump through puddles. I hope we can all reconnect soon and start to get back to normal life!



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