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Saturday morning snuggles

I love documentary style photography. I love capturing genuine moments and real exchanges. Looking back at these photos while editing brings a smile to my face, and I love the idea of this session ending up printed all over the family's wall. I was so excited to meet this family and spend the morning with them. They had an adorable apartment in Bucktown and the boho vibe was exactly my style. I don't make it into Chicago much but the area was exactly where I would like to live if I was a city girl.

They had the cutest two little ones and everyone hopped right on the bed to read stories, snuggle, and have a big tickle fight. The dog even joined in for a bit! The kiddos were so happy and laughter filled the room. They worked up a bit of an appetite so we moved right on to pancakes. I love the dark countertops and gorgeous natural light coming through the windows. They took turns mixing and measuring, and made quite a mess in the process. Sink baths are always fun though, and nobody complained about a little dip in the bubbles. Sink baths are some of my favorite memories of my own kiddos, and it always takes me back. I'm going to throw my toddler in our own kitchen sink this week before he's too big to fit. Seeing these makes me realize how big my boys have gotten. Cue the tears. Snuggle those babies, everyone, and don't be afraid to mix up your yearly family photo session :)

The best way to make children good is to make them happy.




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