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Spring is here!

I am beyond excited for warm weather to blow through the Chicago area. We have bulbs poking through and the trees have started blooming. We have a small apple orchard on our property and it's awesome seeing flowers all over the yard. We're deep into garden planning this year too, and if all goes well we will have our own little pumpkin patch for fall minis!

I met up with this beautiful family to capture their journey and the sunlight made everyone glow so beautifully! It always brings me so much joy to meet new families, especially ones welcoming a new baby. Momma wore a gorgeous maternity gown and looked so beautiful. We found a cute spot tucked away in Plainfield that had some fun boho vibes with tall grasses. So perfect! They had the sweetest big brother and I cannot wait to see how cute their new little one will be. I hope you are all having a wonderful spring!



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