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A snowball fight in Canada

When I joined a June moms group over two years ago, I never thought I'd be so close with internet friends that I would travel to a different country to visit them. Obviously, we can see that it's exactly what ended up happening! It's amazing how friendships can develop over time, and most certainly over helping each other through sleepless nights and teething misery. I didn't have to think long about it when I realized that three of my Ottawa friends (now all on pregnancy #2), were available and happy to do photos out in the snow. For an added bonus, we planned it during the Winterlude Festival and I got to see all kinds of amazing Ice Sculptures.

It was super cold for the entire stay up until the day we had planned to do photos. It snowed that day and the temperature shot up by quite a bit. We all drove over to Hogs Back Falls in Ottawa and happened upon some LARP-ers (sp?) aka Live Action Role Playing aka boys with swords chasing each other. No offense intended of course, they looked like they were having a blast and we came super close to inviting them into our photoshoot! We settled for a snowball fight of our own after the serious side of the session.

It was such a beautiful location! We don't really have waterfalls in the area, and it was really cool to see the water and snow banks butting up against each other. It was certainly a new experience for me as I'm much more used to our standard fields and trees in the Chicago area. It helped having three beautiful ladies as models, as well! They were such troopers hiking around in the snow to different areas, and of course having a snowball fight bare handed. They looked gorgeous in their gowns, and I love the spontaneous expressions and smiles on their faces while they played. I can't wait to go back (during summer next time!) Enjoy the silly sneak peek :)

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