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And now we share a last name

Today this sweet family gained two lively four year old boys. It was such a joy being there to celebrate with their friends and family. The Palkon family is passionate about spreading awareness of the need for more foster families. I couldn't agree more. There are over 15,000 children in foster care in Illinois, and only about 6,500 of them are placed with family members. 7,000 children are placed with licensed foster families, and the remainder are in the care of group homes or similar facilities. What that translates to is that roughly half of the children in foster care rely on families to take them in and give them a home. They yearn for love and kindness, and above all a place to grow in safety.

Robert and Daniel gained that home today. The Palkon family plans to add another little boy to their family this fall! You can truly see the love these boys have for their parents and each other. It was a beautiful day, and so wonderful to see everyone come together in super hero gear to make this day special. Congratulations!

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