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Manifesting Success

I can't believe I never posted my book on here, but almost a year later here we are. I've always been driven towards helping friends and fellow business owners to develop their ideas and build into larger brands. It's such a fun challenge! I love thinking outside the box, getting creative, and helping other small business owners. This book was the ultimate collection of everything I learned over the past few years, and everything I should be implementing myself if not for how busy and overwhelming my life can be at times. I'm working on it, but I can at least tell people what they should ideally be doing. I talk about a lot of topics in this journal (with space to take notes and write out your own business plan), but here's the master list that goes over all of the topics:

  • Brand development

  • Legal set-up, from registration to taxes

  • Cost of doing business

  • Profit margins

  • Finding your ideal client

  • Web design

  • Google ranking- Search Engine Optimization

  • Social media development

  • Content creation and posting techniques

  • Networking and vendor shows

  • Manifesting basics with practice sheets

  • Money blocks and how to overcome them

  • Referral programs and client sourcing

  • Sales techniques

  • Overcoming obstacles

  • The psychology of pricing (including details such as font sizes and how certain numbers attract clients)

  • and how to find the courage to implement it all!

I hope you get so much use out of it to develop your business! Tell me what you think or leave a review on amazon :).



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