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The most beautiful day

The sky was ominous that day, and for the entire morning leading up to our start time I was so worried the rain would come crashing down onto us. Instead, we ended up with the most beautiful day. The clouds lingered and left us with beautiful even lighting and not a harsh shadow in sight. Photographer friends, you know what I'm talking about! These early fall days can be hot and muggy, but the clouds and breeze kept everyone feeling perfectly cool. Above all, the bride was glowing enough to not need the sun anyways. You could see the love radiate in their smiles, and the whole group could feel their energy. It was truly a magical moment.

It helped, for me, that I had known the groom for over 15 years and could see how deeply he was in love with this beautiful woman. Catching up with old friends was an added bonus, too, of course! I cannot wait to finish editing the photos from their night, but in the meantime take a moment to check out how perfect their wedding day was. Wishing them all of the best as they start their journey together as a family.



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